Youth Class Tuition Rates for 2022-2023

2023-2024 Updated Tuition Rates coming soon…

For Students enrolled in Pre-Ballet through Ballet 7 at ABA, we offer three payment options for their ballet tuition:

Monthly – Monthly auto payments to your debit card, credit card or bank account will be set up for you. If you cannot make auto payments, please email the office to let us know.

Semester – two payments per year, this is a 5% discount off the monthly tuition rate. The payments cover September through January 15th, and January 16th through the end of the academy year (usually May 31st).

Yearly – a one-time payment for September-May, this is a 10% discount off the monthly tuition rate.

Current rates are as follows:

Classes per Week Monthly Rate Semester Rate*
(4.5 months)
Yearly Rate**
(9 months)
Pre-Ballet $78/month $333/semester $632/year
Ballet 1 $85/month $363/semester $689/year
Ballet 2 & 2.5 $170/month $727/semester $1,377/year
Ballet 3 with Pre/Beg Pointe $315/month $1,347/semester $2,552/year
Ballet 4 $400/month $1,710/semester $3,240/year
Ballet 5/6/7 $480/month $2,052/semester $3,888/year
Intro to Teen Ballet $88/month $376 $713
Beginning Teen Ballet $99/month $423 $802
Dance With Me Ballet $225 10-wk Session N/A N/A

Sibling Discount – 10% off the second child for monthly tuition payer

Dance with Me – 10 week series, offered in the Fall and Spring = $225

* a 5% savings per year

** a 10% savings per year

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. A $20 late fee will be assessed if received after the 5th. We do not prorate or offer combined discounts. Classes missed may be made up on an alternative day within two months – please email the office to schedule make-up class(es).

Private Lesson Rates – $100/hour and $60/half hour

If you would like to drop or change a class, please download and fill in the ABA drop/change form. Important Note: We require 30 days notice on the 1st of the prior month if you wish to drop a class.  Full tuition will be charged for that 30-day period regardless of the number of classes attended. Thank you!



Alameda Ballet Academy awards a limited number of scholarships and work-study positions to eligible students. To apply for a scholarship, please email the Artistic Director at